Episode 7 – 2016: A Cultural Autobiography

Gabriella and Claudette discuss the books, film, theatre and podcasts that they loved (and a few that they loathed) in 2016.

Length: 1hr 6mins, Recorded December 2016

iTunes Link/Download HERE


Episode Rundown

1:40 Theatre in 2016
1:56 King Charles III
7:14  Twelfth Night
11:15 The Literati
12:30 Disgraced
13:30 Taming of the Shrew
16:00 Three Sisters
18:34 Antigone
20:54 Speed the Plow
27:00 Books in 2016
28:10 The Lesser Bohemians
31:00 The Natural Way of Things
33:05 A Little Life
34:47 The Argonauts
35:50 Between the World and Me
37:28 Everywhere I Look
39:39 M Train
40:06 The First Bad Man
43:00 TV in 2016
Gabriella recommends The West Wing (NBC)
Claudette recommends Some Girls (BBC), Stranger Things (Netflix), The Crown (Netflix), Victoria (ITV)
44:00 Film in 2016
44:38 Rooco and his Brothers (1960)
45:37 Where am I Going? (2016)
47:05 Nocturnal Animals (2016)
49:03 Arrival (1960)
50:28 Podcasts in 2016
50:52 The Party Room
51:00 TLS Voices (Times Literary Supplement)
52:10 How Did this Get Made?
52:43 London Review Books Podcast
52:13 The Berlin Patient
53:56 My Dad Wrote a Porno
54:38 How to Be Amazing, Episode 46: Ira Glass
56:25 This American Life
Episode 592: Are We There Yet (Refugee Camps in Greece)
Episode 597: One Last Thing Before I Go (Wind Telephone in Japan)
58:20 Things we are looking forward to in 2017
Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay
Hillary Mantel’s new book
Golden Hill
The Essex Serpent
Margaret the First
Measure for Measure
Three Sisters
The Rover

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