Erratic Dialogues was created in order to design a forum for cultural conversations that explore the boundaries of how the arts are discussed online. We aim to play with form, structure, and storytelling as a means to tease out the limits of the online essay. This blog is a story of culture and collaboration; by writing and speaking together we are able to create dialogues that are between a conversation and discourse. We believe that by bringing together different mediums in order to explore particular novels, films, and artworks, we are able to tease out potential meanings in new and undiscovered ways. This blog is an experiment in combining the art of cultural deconstruction over a cup of coffee with the art of online forms.

Gabriella Edelstein - Erratic DialoguesGabriella Edelstein is a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney, writing on early modern collaborative partnerships in the theatre world. She likes her conversations to meander like the swirl of milk in a cup of tea. Her personal blog is: My Salad Days.

Claudette Palomares - Erratic Dialogues Claudette Palomares is a publishing professional and a future social worker. You can view more of her illustrations on her personal blog: Hons and Rebels.